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Online Gemology Free Course

The Gemological Institute of Genoa (Italy) offers the first Free Online Basic Gemology Course for all Precious Stones and Diamonds lovers. The Rich content of the Online Basic Gemology Course is full of spectacular pictures of Gems taken under the microscope. You can see the most beautiful and rarest Gemstones in the world captured with a high-definition camera mounted on the professional microscope. From the comfort of your home you can view the Gems magnified up to 64 times. Read more...

Jewelry Professional Course with basic Gemology

The head of the Gemological Institute of Genoa is Gensini Graziano, A.J.P. G.I.A, G.I.A Colored Stones Graduate, Gem-A Certified Gemologist. Mr. Graziano is a G.I.A Accredited Jewelry Professional who has obtained a solid knowledge of Classic and Contemporary Jewelry. In this Jewelry Course you will learn strategies to increase sales as well. Read more...

Diamond Course

Twentyfour weeks (one day a week) of an assiduous practice and an in-depth knowledge of Diamond theory. You will receive an in-depth understanding of Diamonds using modern technologies. The Diamond Course displays how G.I.A Diamond grades are established and clarifies the real Diamonds value. But you should understand that it is not enough just to refer to the Rapaport List. Only the best Diamond dealers in the world can use it properly, and some of those dealers are guests in our course. You will learn the dynamics of the market and decide when it makes sense to invest in Diamonds. After the completion of the course we will always keep you updated to ensure no knowledge and experience is lost. You will never be alone. In order to enroll in this program you need to have a high School Diploma or GED. We don't want our graduates to look at the Diamonds like the Leopardi's shepherd used to look at the moon. Read more...

The College of Gems

A 3 year program (1 day a week). 550 Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, synthetic Gemstones and imitations to be analyzed, 60 questionnaires to complete with 60 chapters of associated text. Gemology course to become a professional gemologist who is qualified to identify any gem or piece of Jewelry, and determine their worth on the market. You will never feel embarrassed when you have to: 1) Open a safe deposit box and determine the value of the content; 2) Put a real value on an object listed in an auction on every corner of the world; 3) Divide the value up fairly between heirs; 4) Define the worth of assets in case of business failure or liquidation; 5) Recommend an appropriate investment solution to a client 6) Determine a true value of assets seized by law enforcement officials etc. This is a core set of skills that can be applied to your amazing future career. In order to enroll in this program you need to have a high School Diploma. Read more...

Opening a safe deposit box

In case of inheritance you may be involved in the process of safe deposit box is opened. The easiest and most frugal way is to set up a consultation with a G.I.A Jeweler Professional, G.I.A. Colored Stones Program Graduate and Gem-A Certified Gemologist who can help you to save a lot of money and give a true appraisal of your Jewels. Read more...

The Appraisal Certificate

Gemological Institute of Genoa can assist you with a Precious Stone evaluation and also with a valid Gemstone Appraisal Certificate. We will put a real economic value on your Jewels. Read more...

The Diamond Bank

Have you bought a Diamond from the bank? Are you sure you have made a proper investment? Would you like to know how much your Diamond is really worth and have an appraisal to dispute a seller's price? And no matter where you are we can help you. Read more...

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