Gemology Course: the College of Gems

Gemology Course

Complete Gemology Course – The College of Gems


A 3 year program (1 day a week). 550 Colored Gems, Diamonds, Synthetic Gemstones and imitations to be analyzed, 60 questionnaires to complete with 60 associated chapters of text. You will become a professional Gemologist who is qualified to identify any Gem or piece of Jewelry, and determine their worth on the market.

You will never feel embarrassed when you have to:
1) Open a safe deposit box and determine the value of the content;
2) Put a real value on an object listed in an auction on every corner of the world;
3) Divide the value up fairly between heirs;
4) Define the worth of assets in case of business failure or liquidation;
5) Recommend an appropriate investment solution to a client;
6) Determine a true value of assets seized by law enforcement officials etc.

This is a core set of skills that can be applied to your amazing future carrier.

In order to enroll in this program you need to have a high School Diploma.

The Gemology Course is really fascinating, and all students who have passed the course have gone on to launch a successful career in this magical world. If you devote yourself to the studies, we will go over and beyond to make sure yo are well prepared for the final examination.

The College of Gems: the first year

During the first year we will hold your hand and open a whole new world for you.

The first year of the Gemology Course: 100 Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, imitations and synthetic stones to analyze. You should complete 30 questionnaires related to 30 chapters of Gemology, in which we will talk about:
1) All colored Gemstones and Diamonds
2) Economic value of every Gem
3) World dynamics that regulate the Diamond stock exchange and capital investments
4) Basic Chemistry, Physics and Geology
5) Standards that GIA set to the Gemology world, according to the dictates of time
6) The history of Gemology and of some G.I.A Gemologists who launched a revolution in this amazing world.
7) Basic jewelry with the close insight into Art Deco, Art Nouveau and contemporary jewelry.

The college of Gems: the second year

In the second year we will embrace and transform you.

The second year of the Gemology Course: 200 Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, imitations and synthetic stones to analyze. You should complete 20 questionnaires related to 20 chapters of pure Gemology. During the second year you will have a diligent practice that means you will have a breakthrough and learn to master every gemological tool. Furthermore, you will become a master of the situation. We will teach you the scientific methods to analyze Gems and reveal all the tricks to make your work better. The embarrassment of not knowing how to do your work will disappear forever.

The college Gems: The third year

In the third year the student will surpass the teacher.

The third year of the Gemology Course: 220 Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, imitations and synthetic stones to analyze. Final examination of 30 Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, synthetic stones or imitations.

At this stage you will become a Gemologist whose skills could meet the highest world standards. But it is not enough: we will help you with online marketing and networking.

We will invite the world famous Diamond and Gemstones brokers whose counsel you will never forget. We will have the online stock brokers who will make your jaw drop.

You will never forget this year. You will be able to fascinate even the most difficult customers and turn those toughest clients into your biggest fun.

At the end of the third year you will finally become a war machine in Gemology, ready to play in any of so many different fields that this magical industry offers.

Costs and transparency of the Gemology Course

We don’t ask you to pay in advance for our courses. Our philosophy is that we don’t sell a pig in a poke. Our first lesson is free so you can expierence the quality of our classes.

During the second lesson you should make a payment for just the current month without being tied to future classes. You can drop a course if you are not 100 percent satisfied or due to personal reasons.

Total transparency, strong moral principles and high ethical standards – these were the first lessons the Director of this Institute learned in the Gemological Institute of America, which name, when pronounced, made the walls tremble in the gemological instituts all over the world.

So, when our students start their business, we ask them to act the way we do: Do not sell certified Gemstones directly from yourselves. It’s unethical and will hardly attract customers to your business. Always spare in mind any conflict of interests.

David, the shepherd, defeated Goliath with just a simple sling because courage always triumphs over the brutal strength.

Course Fee: 400 euro a month for 30 months – Course duration: 3 years (July and August closed). 500 hours in total.
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€ 12000 – 400 euro/month for 30 months


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