Gemology Course: Free Online Gemological course

Gemology free Course for all the lovers of Precious Stones

The Gemological Institute of Genoa (Italy) offers the first Free Online Basic Gemology Course for all Precious Stones and Diamonds lovers.

The Rich content of the Online Basic Gemology Course is full of spectacular pictures of Gems taken under the microscope.

You can see the most beautiful and rarest Gemstones in the world captured with a high-definition camera mounted on the professional microscope.

From the comfort of your home you can view the Gems magnified up to 64 times.

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If you would like to ask us any information about Precious Stones, you can do it in the comments section below each of the our Youtube videos. We will answer you very quickly, because we are very happy to make your acquitance. Each of you who comes to greet us, makes us really happy and join us in a fascinating International Friendship.

Subsequently, click on the bell icon next to the name of the channel to get notified on the latest videos that we publish on the first day of every month.

Remember to read the description under each video carefully, since here we will reveal some important basic Gemology tricks that every Gem lover should know.
Moreover, by watching the videos and reading the descriptions below, you can discover amazing tricks of advanced Gemology.

Contest to Win a Diamond

If you subscribe to the Youtube channel, you are enrolled for free in the Youtube online Gemology Course. Moreover you get an opportunity to participate in the first ever Gemological Contest. The winner of the contest is the person who gives the best answers to the questions and he will receive a half-carat Diamond. The award ceremony will be live streamed on the Gemological Institute of Genoa YouTube Channel.

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The Contest can be found in our YouTube Playlist entitled “Gemology Contest”
In the text box below each video there are the names of four Gemstones. Only one of them is the Gem shown in the video. You need to discover which one of those four names corresponds to the correct Gem. Under each video you will find a comment section where you can post your answer giving the name of the Gem that you have been observing through our microscope.

Gemology Contest Ranking

You can find the ongoing Gemology Ranking by clicking here.

Gemology is in the heart

We are happy to have created the first free online Gemology Course. It is our passion to spread the word about Gemology.
We are proud to be among the world’s top Gemological Institutes, ranked by a large number of YouTube Channel subscribers and Facebook followers. Special thanks from the bottom of our hearts to each of you.
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