Pyrope Garnet: do not become a Pyropite Garnet..

Pyrope Garnet

Pyrope: please, do not become a Pyropite Gemstone..

The Pyrope Garnet, whose name derives from the ancient Greek word Pyropos (flaming), is among the most used Gems in Jewelry.

Garnet crystallizes in the cubic system, exactly as they do: Diamond, Spinel, Sodalite, Fluorite and Pyrite. Pyrope is one of the many Garnet varieties existing in Nature, even if, in Gemology, the interesting varieties of Garnet are: Almandite, Andradite, Spessatite, Grossularite, Spessartite , sometimes Uvarovite is the Piropo. Since until recently the Almandite Garnet was called Almandine Garnet and the Spessartite Garnet was called Spessartine Garnet, the Gemological Institute of Genoa hopes from the heart that at least the Pyrope Garnet does not lose its head and becomes a cacophonous Piropite Garnet.


Pyrope Garnet: the leadership is not for granted

As for hardness, Garnet is a particular mineral species. Its hardness measures from 6.5 to 7.5, depending on the variety. Pyrope Garnet has the highest hardness among the Garnets, followed by Almandite Garnet, Spessartite Garnet and Tsavorite Garnet. However, among the Garnet with a lower hardness, the Demantoid Garnet certainly stands out. On the other hand, it is still the Almandite Garnet that possesses the highest hardness among the Garnets, tearing the leadership of hardness to the Pyrope. Precisely because of its hardness, Almandite Garnet is often used as an abrasive for industrial purposes. The Toughness of the Garnet ranges from discrete to good, making it a precious and durable Gemstone, suitable for use in jewelry, but only it is carefully handled.

Not only the hardness does vary considerably in the Garnets, but also the Specific Gravity and the Refractive Index vary. In fact, the Garnet group consists mainly of isomorphic series with final varieties that never correspond to pure form in nature. Pyrope Garnet very often occurs with a dark red color. Luster is often vitreous, but sometimes oily. Its Specific Gravity is about 3.78 and when the Chromium gives it the color, it is called Chrome-Pyrope.

To take care and to look after..

To carefully store a Garnet you should avoid exposing it to strokes and we advise you to wash it by hand with warm water and soap. You can also wash it with the ultrawave machine, but as long as the Garnet does not present internal fractures.

Pyrope Anthill Garnet

A very particular and appreciated Garnet variety is the Pyrope Anthill Garnet, dug in the Arizona desert. It usually comes in small sizes, but with a high saturation and bright colors due to Chrome. The way in which the Anthill Garnet presents itself to the world is unusual and magical. In fact, the industrious ants excavate the Anthill Garnet from the ground. The ants bring it to light as it obstructs the underground passageways. Then, the rain washes these Gems, which will settle on the side of the anthill. Eventually, the Man will collect them effortlessly directly from the small mountain created by the ants.


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