Gemology Certification

Gemology Certification and Immediate Valuation

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The Gemological Institute of Genoa provides an accurate appraisal of
1) Diamonds
2) Gems
3) Jewels of any type
An appraisal is only valid at the time when it is made. It is conducted in the presence of the client – our transparency is our pride. Our laboratory has modern equipment which allows to conduct appraisals for:

  • Insurance purposes
  • Will and Inheritance
  • Forced sales or estimate of net realizable value
  • Pawnshop loans

We have an excellent knowledge of Gemology and commerce. Our skills are internationally proven. That is why we can issue an accurate estimate if you need:

  • Your jewels to end up at an auction
  • Consultations on real market prices
  • Coercive sequestration
  • Access to the contents of a safe deposit box
  • To liquidate your store or file for bankruptcy
  • A way to distribute assets among heirs

We give a real economic value of your jewels

The Gemological Institute of Genoa does not only analyze Gemstones and give the gemological characteristics, but it converts those gemological characteristics into specific values, into real money, which the client will be likely to obtain in case he or she decides to sell them. And the client’s right to know about it, is sacrosanct. It is essential to avoid people who could mislead you by offering a price higher than the market-clearing price. With our experience in Diamonds and our skills acquired by working with Gemstones day and night, we are always at your disposal for a high-level professional evaluation and Gemology certification.

Professional ethics is paramount to us

Up to the 1990s we, the Italians, were the third population in the world who spent money on jewelry, following the two sacred monsters: the USA and Japan. In comparison with that time when we the third biggest spenders, we have gone down in recent years. On one hand, it is sad. On the other hand, we could say: well, guys, it’s time to roll up our sleeves!

Gemological Institute of Genoa is pure transparent. We are not interested only in conducting an evaluation or recommending you a Diamond. We have a genuine interest in our future, when our grown children will conduct a professional evaluation and give your grown children an advise on how to buy a good Diamond.
Therefore, we must have strong moral principles and highest ethical standards in the coming years.
Among the other services we also offer the photos of inclusions inside Gemstones to prevent Gemstone fraud. In the inside all Gemstones look quite different. Every Diamond and every Colored Gemstone has at least one distinctive feature that makes it different from others. Therefore we can photograph the inside of your precious stone to portray the distinctive inclusions so that nobody ever could replace your Gem imperceptibly by another one.

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