Gemological Team

Step aside, we are coming!

The staff of Gemological Institute of Genoa has a vast practical experience in the field, and boasts about endless hours of studying and numerous gemological researches. Gemology is our true Love and a kind of Poetry. It is a luster of jewelry, and a blaze of chivalry and Goliardic verse.

Gemological Institute of Genoa

Our staff consists of experienced professionals of the highest repute. The team is coordinated by a forty-two-year-old Director Graziano Gensini, Professional Jeweler accredited with the highest score by Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds; GIA Colored Stones Program Graduate, Gem-A Certified Gemologist.

The Director is assisted by Diamond Expert of the highest rank, who worked for many years in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Everything acquires value when a young but experienced professional brings the highest level of knowledge of gemstone financial market and jewelry creating.

When we talk about gemstone financial market, we mean both the physical market and online market. We attach great importance to internet business as customer demand for online services is growing fast.

Here is our team

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