Course-Diamond Course

Diamond Course on the basis of G.I.A. Diamond Grading System

The Diamond Course takes 6 months, one lesson a week for 24 weeks. The course focuses on diligent practice and 360° Diamond learning.

Here, in the Gemological Institute of Genoa, we romantically think that the way the Diamond came to light is suggestive and miraculous like the path of Beatrice, who came down from Heaven to Earth to show a miracle. A Diamond, on the contrary, came from the inner side of the Earth to show a miracle. Inspired by our love of Diamonds, we have created courses, where you can learn how to analyze Diamonds using the advanced technologies that modern Gemology offers.

You will discover the Diamond grading standards that GIA sets in the Gemology world. Besides that, you will understand it is not enough just to read a Rapaport list if you have no idea how to interpret it. Only the best Diamond dealers in the world can use it properly, and some of those dealers are the guests in our course. Also, you will learn the dynamics of the market and decide if it makes sense to invest in Diamonds. After you finish the course, you will constantly receive updates so as to not lose the experience gained.

To enroll in the Diamond Course you need to have a high school diploma or GED.

We do not want to produce experts who look at Diamonds like the Leopardi’s shepherd used to look at the moon. Above all, we want to produce modern Gemologists who are able to analyze and appraise any Diamond. That is why, during the theoretical studies we will talk about the Diamond prices on the real market.

Diamond Course: the Program

1) Introduction. A world to explore
2) The Diamond Rush
3) Today’s Market
4) Peruzzi vs Tolkowsky – The Art of Diamond Cutting
5) The light
6) Crown and Table Proportions
7) Girdle and Pavilion Proportions
8) Symmetry and Polish
9) The Geological Formation
10) Color
11) Color Scale
12) The Diamond Prices
13) Chemical composition and Crystal structure
14) Mines and market
15) Clarity and inclusions
16) Clarity and G.I.A parameters
17) Mounted and Rough Diamonds
18) Fancy cut
19) Imitations and Treatments
20) Synthetic Diamonds

The twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-third lessons will be fully devoted to practice in order to prepare you for the final examination. But above all, our goal is to prepare you to meet a sparkling world of jewelry in your capacity as a professional.

Finally, the twenty-fourth lesson will be devoted entirely to the examination.

Every lesson consists of a two-hour lecture on theory and, of course, a two-hour practice in analyzing Diamonds.

In addition, there will be questionnaires containing 20 questions to answer at the beginning of every lesson (except the first lesson).

We will show you scientific images in addition to the numerous amazing videos.

We will talk about the wonders of nature, about the way Diamonds are created, and how mesmerizing they are, filling our hearts with joy, and creating harmony in our lives. So, we guarantee that the course will not be boring!

The cost of the Diamond Course is 3600 euros.
The first lesson is free.

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