Buying diamonds in an italian bank

Buying Diamonds

Buying Diamonds in a bank

Have you bought a Diamond in a bank?
Are you sure you have made a proper investment?
Would you like to know what is your Diamond worth, to get an appraisal certificate and open a dispute with the seller?
It’s not important where you are. Gemological Institute of Genoa could make an appraisal online. Buying the diamonds in an italian bank is a bit of a problem.

Diamond Bank, a solution?

Make an appointment with the professional gemologist who graduated from the best world Center for Mineralogical Research, the global authority which created the 4 Cs – Gemological Institute of America.

Gemological Institute of Genoa issues an appraisal to clarify a real market cost of the diamond. Just for 50 euros per diamond you will discover the real market price of the diamonds you bought. You will learn the regulations, true references and consolidated practices for Diamond trading in any part of the world. We give you all technical explanations before you buy a Diamond because information is the basis of any proper investment.

Gemological Institute of Genoa was founded with the primary purpose to bring clarity and information into a sector where they were relegated to the limit.

Before buying a Diamond

Before buying a Diamond you should get a professional gemologist’s advice. An expert will be pleased to explain you for free the vital importance of the Diamond 4C that establish its value. Those 4 Cs for assessing the quality of any diamond are:

1) Color
2) Cut
3) Carat weight
4) Clarity

Nobody can tell which of the four C is more important. Because the key is the combination of the all 4 characteristics. They give the real value of every Diamond. But the very thing is to have the more and better informations before buying Diamonds, because little nuances determine big differences in terms of quids.

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