Basic Gemology and Jewelry Course

Basic Gemology and Jewelry Course

The Jewelry and Basic Gemology Course takes 12 weeks (1 day a week) to produce the highest level jewelers and gem enthusiasts with:
1) Gemological experience in 360° Diamond learning
2) Mastery of Gemological lexicon
3) Knowledge of Jewelry styles
4) Competence in evaluation in accordance with market prices
5) High percentage of sales.

The director of the Institute, GIA Accredited Professional Jeweler with the highest level of competence as well as GEM-A (London) Certified Gemologist and GIA Colored Stones Graduate, will prepare you for the professional jewelry career with an excellent basic knowledge of Gemology to bring you to a high percentage of sales.

Basic Gemology Course fee: 500 euros per month for 3 months – The Basic Gemology Course takes 3 months – 48 hours in total.

Contents of the Course

The duration of the Basic Gemology Course is 12 weeks (1 lesson per week).

Each lesson lasts 4 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle. Two hours are devoted to theory, and two more hours to practice.

We will take you through the prices on a Diamond stock exchange. Also, you will become acquainted with the real market prices for Colored Gemstones. The better you are trained, the easier it will be to make a sale or strike the right bargain.

A part of the Course will be devoted to the professional vocabulary used in Gemology and Jewelry which will help you to communicate with customers and to increase your sales closing rate (the number of deals you close compared to the number of presentations you make).

The world of the Jewels is marvellous despite the lack of adequate information.

Our Institute was established for educational purposes. And naturally, we were inspired by our love of Gems. Therefore, we put all our passion into teaching. In addition to our passion we use the latest information and state-of-the-art technologies.

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What we teach

In the theoretical part we teach in depth the following topics:
1) Diamonds: Color, Carat weight, Clarity, Cut, Proportions, the value of the Diamonds on the stock exchange, and Imitations.
2) Gems: the 4 Cs, the Imitations, Synthetic Gemstones, Treatments and Cleaning.
3) Precious Metals: Market, Regulations, Jewelry manufacturing.
4) The History of Jewelry: From ancient times up to now.
5) The Great Three: Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.

The practical part will focus on:
1) The fundamental use of the 10x loupe.
2) Diamonds and Gems grading.
3) The distinction between Diamond, Moissanite and Zircon.

The Course will give you a basic but ample knowledge of Modern Gemology.

At the end of the Course you will know how to appraise and classify the most important types of Gemstones. Finally, you will be able to tell apart a Diamond from Moissanite or Zircon.

You will get the basics to analyze the Diamonds, and skills to handle the Gemological tweezers.

You will discover how your ability to wield the tweezers and the loupe could impress a client.

In this Basic Gemology and Jewelry Course we will also illustrate the most innovative and sophisticated techniques to satisfy the clients’ demands.
Therefore, you will be able to make the sale process go as smoothly as possible.

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€ 1500